Licensing for Partners

Working effectively with our partners, whether they're small start-ups or leading multinationals, is central to our business vision.

If you'd like to integrate or add our data to your products and/or services then you'll need to become an OS Partner. Under our Licensed Partner Programme, we'll provide you with access to our products, account management support and many other benefits. See our Partner page for further information.

To use our data under the partner programme you will need to be licensed.

How do partner licences work?

We have several Partner Licences all of which sit under an umbrella agreement known as the Framework Contract (Partners) (FCP).

The FCP is an overarching agreement that sets out the commercial relationship between you and us. The FCP is an open-ended licence. It stays in place for as long as you are licensed under at least one Defined Use Contract.

Here's an example of the FCP that you'll be asked to sign:

Framework Contract (Partners)

What are Defined Use Contracts?

Our Defined Use Contracts work in conjunction with the FCP. They last for between one and five years. You can renew or extend these contracts as required.

Defined Use Contracts include details of:

  • the type of product/service/application that you can license
  • the OS products that you can use
  • the terms and conditions that cover the use of our products
  • the royalty models and fees that apply
  • any third party terms that apply

We currently offer the following contracts:

  • Business Solutions - Data Component Contract
  • Business Solutions - Online Viewing Contract
  • Consumer Solutions Contract
  • Developer Contract
  • Distribution Contract
  • Land Registry Polygons Contract
  • Planning Design and Construction Contract
  • Printed Products Contract
  • Tracking and Scheduling Contract

Further details about each of our contracts is available here:

Partner contract summaries

How do I become a partner?

To become a licensed partner, we ask you to talk through your requirements with a member of our sales team. It doesn't take long and it does help us all to understand more about how we can meet your expectations, which products or services you'd like to use, and what we can deliver to you via our partner programme. It's also the most effective way for you to find out more about our contracts.

Before becoming a partner you will need to apply for a Credit Account.

Apply here

Once you have been accepted as a partner, you will be able to sign-up to the FCP and Defined Use Contracts and order OS Data through our Online Ordering System "OS Orders". We will provide you with log-in details to access this.

Here's an overview of the process for signing-up as a licensed partner.

Partner licensing process diagram

If you'd like to discuss becoming a licensed partner, please email our Partnership enquiries team or phone us on 02380 055991.

What support will I get as a partner?

Aside from tapping in to our expertise via dedicated account management support (subject to criteria), you'll also have access to our Partner support website.

There you can see examples of our contracts, pricing examples and royalty calculators as well as other supporting tools and information. It's a password-protected area - we'll give you log-in details when you sign up.

Do I need to acknowledge OS in my product/service?

You will be expected to acknowledge our data in your products and services. You may also use certain OS Logos with your products/services.

For details on how to use our logos, together with our branding guidelines, copyright acknowledgements and map legends please see our Style guide.

Which OS products can I use in my product/service?

For details of the products licensed under our partner contracts. please see our Contract/Product matrix.

Can I use a contractor to work with your data?

As a partner, you're allowed to sub-license data to contractors (as long as they're providing work on your behalf), under the terms of our Standard Form Contractor Licence. Both parties should sign this contract.

If you have your own licence that you ask contractors to sign, then if you prefer, you can include our contractor terms in your own licence.

We don't mind which method you use to sign up contractors – online, email, wet ink, etc – as long as they agree to our terms and conditions.

Standard Form Contractor Licence