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Framework Contract (Partners) Land Registry Polygons - Summary

Land Registry has created a dataset of Land Registry Polygons using OS MasterMap® Topography Layer, all of which is Crown data.

You can obtain Land Registry Polygons here.

If you wish to include Land Registry Polygons within your Products and/or Services you can do so under the Land Registry Polygons Contract. This is a Contract entered into under the Framework Contract (Partners) (FCP).

The FCP is the umbrella agreement which outlines the commercial relationship between OS and the licensed partner. A number of Contracts (including the Land Registry Polygons Contract) sit under the FCP and provide specific terms relating to the product(s)/service(s) being offered.

Below is a brief description of activities covered by the terms of this Contract. This is only a summary of the key points and therefore not exhaustive, so please refer to the Contract for full details. If you're a Licensed Partner already you can view this here.

Under this Contract you can:

  • Create Products and/or Services comprising Land Registry Polygons
  • Supply Land Registry Polygons to Customers for their Licensed Use
  • Enable End Users to access and use Land Registry Polygons for the purposes of Viewing


  • Royalties are paid per polygon on an annual or perpetual basis for an End Users Licensed Use.
  • Where polygons are made available for Viewing only, royalties can be paid either on a unit price per polygon, viewed on a Session basis, or per End User per month on a Subscription basis based on the property type being viewed.


Land Registry Polygons (derived from OS Data).

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