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Framework Contract (Partners) OS OnDemand Reseller Service Contract - Summary

OS OnDemand is a web map service, delivering rasterised data over the internet directly to your organisation, wherever and whenever it's needed. For your reference below is a brief description of activities covered specifically by the terms of the OS OnDemand Reseller Service Contract. Please note the information below is a summary and therefore not exhaustive, you should always refer to the Contract for full details.

OS OnDemand:

  • removes the need to manage and store large amounts of Ordnance Survey data saving you time and money;
  • provides anybody, wherever they are located, with a consistent view of the latest Ordnance Survey data;
  • is an OGC compliant service, designed to provide instant access and can be seamlessly integrated with internal systems and existing GIS/CAD software, as well as the latest web browsers and mobile devices; and
  • provides a secure, resilient, cost efficient solution to receiving the latest Ordnance Survey data enabling you to spend time on using it rather than managing it.

The OS OnDemand Reseller Service Contract sits under the Framework Contract (Partners).

NOTE that your customers must hold a Public Sector Licence (either a Members Licence under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement between Ordnance Survey and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills or a Members Licence under the One Scotland Mapping Agreement between Ordnance Survey and Scottish Ministers) in order for Ordnance Survey to be able to provide them with an API Key.

Licence Fees are subject to Service Bands and you will pay Ordnance Survey a Licence Fee for each Customer that is provided with access to the OS OnDemand Service (where you have completed an Application Form on behalf of that Customer). Where you provide customers with trial use, no Licence Fee applies.

If you have any queries about this summary, please contact your account manager in the normal way.

The current version of the OS OnDemand Reseller Service Contract can be viewed here.

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