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Framework Contract (Partners) - OS OpenSpace Pro Service Contract Summary

OS OpenSpace Pro is a web mapping service that uses the same technology as OS OpenSpace, but includes extra features and permissions designed to meet business needs. For your reference below is a brief description of activities covered specifically by the terms of the OS OpenSpace Pro Service Contract. Please note the information below is a summary and therefore not exhaustive, you should always refer to the Contract for full details.

OS OpenSpace Pro Contract sits under the Framework Contract (Partners) and is used in conjunction with one or more of the following Contracts:

  • Navigation, Consumer Applications and Websites Contract
  • Printed Products Contract
  • Viewing, Tracking and Scheduling Contract
  • Developer Contract
  • School GIS Provider Licence
  • OS OpenData Licence
  • Data Contracts available under the Framework Contract (Direct Customers)

An annual Access Fee applies in addition to:

a) standard Royalties for the use of Licensed Data payable in accordance with the terms of any Data Contracts (minimum royalties apply)


b) Service Charges, which vary according to the service and royalty model provided under your Contact/s (minimum charges apply)

Where you use OS OpenSpace Pro in conjunction with a School GIS Provider Licence, only the Access Fee applies.

Examples of how you can use data under this contract are as follows:

  • integrate maps with secure content through delivery via a secure connection
  • behind a firewall for internal business use
  • download and compilation of maps for printed materials
  • provide consumer leisure products, such as a hand-held GPS or in-car satnav
  • provide tracking or scheduling services, such as fleet management
  • provide consumer website services, such as a route planner

If you have any queries about this summary, please contact your account manager in the normal way.

The current version of the OS OpenSpace Pro Service Contract can be viewed here.

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