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Framework Contract (Partners) - Tracking & Scheduling Contract Summary

Licensed partners can obtain digital map data from Ordnance Survey to include in their products and/or services and/or for onward distribution/resale under the terms of the Framework Contract (Partners) (FCP).

The FCP is the umbrella agreement that outlines the commercial relationship between Ordnance Survey and the licensed partner. A number of contracts (including the Tracking & Scheduling Contract) sit under the FCP and provide specific terms related to the activity being conducted.

These are the activities covered specifically by the terms of the Tracking & Scheduling Contract. Please note the information below is a summary and therefore not exhaustive. You should always refer to the Contract for full details.

Under the Tracking & Scheduling Contract, Ordnance Survey grants you a licence to provide end-users with a service for the purposes of tracking and/or scheduling, but does not extend to navigation services.

Tracking and scheduling can be licensed on a subscription or session basis.

Examples of how you can use data under the Tracking & Scheduling Contract are as follows:

  • provide a service that allows customers to remotely track the location of an asset in real time, such as a parcel, vehicle, individual or animal; or
  • provide a service that allows clients to schedule and plan the best route from one location to another in advance, such as courier deliveries and bus routing

If you have any queries about this summary, please contact your account manager.

The current version of the TS Contract can be viewed here.

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