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Web Developer Services Specific Use Contract

What are Web Developer Services?

Means the provision of a service through partner’s website whereby developers who have registered a login can access and use the partner’s API (application programming interface) and/or the Open Space API for the purposes of creating web applications for delivery to end-users. Web developers can also choose, via an encrypted device or technological mechanism assigned by the partner, to access and use a feed of licensed data and/or third party data hosted by the partner.

Summary of Conditions of Use

a) Restrictions on partners:

  • The Web Developer Service cannot be named or branded using the name OS OpenSpace or the product names or brands of the relevant licensed data.
  • Developers are required to register a log-in and sign a developer licence. In addition, developers are required to keep their login confidential.
  • Developers should be provided with a unique API key or other encryption device or some other technological mechanism to facilitate access to and control of licensed data to and from the developers web applications.
  • The developer licence should impose on the developer the same restrictions and obligations imposed on the partner under the Specific Use Framework Partner Licence and the Web Developer Services SUC.
  • Partner shall ensure that any Developer Licence shall terminate automatically upon the termination/expiry of their Specific Use Framework Partner Licence and/or the Web Developer Services SUC.

Web Applications

  • Partner shall ensure that any web application is publicly accessible on the internet through the developer’s URL.
  • The web application is not restricted, or protected, or operated only as an internal network.
  • The web application is not connected in any way to the ordinary day-to-day activities involved in the internal administration and running of a business, government or other organisation.
  • The web application always combines licensed data with appropriate additional information.
  • The web application does not carry or is not associated with unacceptable advertising.
  • The web application is not undertaken for, or in connection with, nor does it result in any unacceptable financial gain.
  • The web application does not comprise, make available, or otherwise operate or be used in connection with any illegal or inappropriate content, information or activity.
  • The licensed data can only be held within the partner’s service provision mechanism and the partner cannot allow developers or end-users to download, extract, store or archive the licensed data.
  • The partner may permit developers and end-users to use a web application to create and store user generated routes and/or waypoints and permit developers to grant sub-licences to end-users to view and/or download such user generated routes and/or waypoints on and to a device provided that:
  • neither developers nor end-users can use Code-Point® to create, view or download user generated routes or waypoints; and
  • end-users may only create, store, download and use user generated routes and/or waypoints for their own personal, non-commercial use on a single user basis.
  • Developers must restrict end-users to printing a maximum of ten paper copies, no greater than A4, of any view.

b) Other restrictions:

  • Partner shall ensure that developers comply with Usage limits.
  • Fair use policy applies. The fair use policy is confidential and should not be disclosed by the partner to any developers or end-users.
  • Documentation is supplied to the partner only to allow partners and developers to explore and understand the functionality and scope of the OpenSpace API, licensed data and develop Web Applications.
  • Developers are prohibited from copying, storing, modifying, translating, creating derivate copies of, publishing or broadcasting in any media the documentation relating to the OpenSpace API and/or the licensed data.
  • Developers are required to make a copy of the end-user licence agreement available to end-users through a hypertext link at the bottom of each page of its web application which includes licensed data.
  • The partner may use licensed data for creating and displaying demo applications on its website.
  • The partner shall ensure that an end-user licence agreement is applied to its demo applications which reflects the substantive terms of the standard form end-user licence agreement.


Does not apply to this licence.

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