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The Creation of Data subject to an Ongoing Licence Fee

If the new data you have created using our data doesn’t meet the criteria for ‘Free to Use Data’ – perhaps because you have copied one or more features present in an Ordnance Survey dataset – it is highly likely that it will remain subject to the terms of one of our licences.

The ongoing fee applicable will depend on how it is going to be used. You can find further information about our licences here, or why not discuss your proposed application with your account manager or a member of our Customer Services team?

Examples of Data Subject to an Ongoing Ordnance Survey Licence and Fee

Perfect property positioning

Graham works for a property management company that uses GIS to create datasets detailing the properties they manage. He uses Ordnance Survey data to identify each property and then position his data accurately

GIS mock-up

The data that Graham has created is ‘derived data’ as the points he has positioned, which represent each of the buildings he manages, are representations of features that already exist in the Ordnance Survey data. To continue to use this dataset, Graham will need to persist with an appropriate licence for the underlying Ordnance Survey data he has used when creating his data.

Optimising school bus routes

Nicky works for her local council in its GIS department. Part of her job involves looking at council services and seeing where improvements could be made, including to the school bus service. By using Ordnance Survey data, Nicky can model the most efficient routes against pupil demand and the location of each school.

GIS mock-up

Because all this information is created by georeferencing pupils addresses, their schools and the road network, it is derived data and will remain subject to an Ordnance Survey licence.

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