Esri UK Annual Conference 2016

Combine your data with OS data in the ESRI Platform to discover the power of visualisations and analytics.

It was great to see you at this year's conference. Find out more below about the products and services we featured on our stand.

You can also try them out using free sample data – or why not sign up for our new APIs?

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Feature 1

OS API shop

Start using Britain’s most detailed, accurate location data to help everyone find exactly what they’re looking for, with maps, routes, insights that bring Great Britain's landscape to life.

Feature 1

AddressBase products

All addresses now have longitude and latitude attributes to be transferrable across international datasets and our new AddressBase Islands products. They're easier to interpret with OS MasterMap Topography Layer and Integrated transport Network Layer.

Feature 1

AddressBase Islands

Extend your AddressBase coverage with accurate geographic data about addresses, properties and land areas in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Feature 1

OS MasterMap Highways Network

Our common, authoritative single view of the whole road network in GB, offering the most detailed and advanced view of roads, streets and paths.

Feature 1

OS OpenData

We offer a range of quality assured, regularly updated products that enable you to analyse your data, build interactive websites and create stunning visuals – and they're all free.

Feature 1

OS Mastermap Topography Layer upgrade

From Spring 2016 we'll be upgrading OS MasterMap Topography Layer with improvements to delivery, new styling options and content updates.

Tools and resources are available from Esri UK that enable you to get maximum value from using OS products with Esri’s ArcGIS platform. 

These tools and resources include Locatorhub and ProductivitySuite for using AddressBase, AddressBase Plus and AddressBase Premium, ProductivitySuite for using OS MasterMap Topography Layer new descriptions or ArcGIS desktop for using OS MasterMap Highways Network.  Further details regarding Esri UK’s tools for the ArcGIS platform can be found here.  Esri UK provide technical guidance regarding the usability of OS products with Esri’s ArcGIS platform.  Further information can be found from here

We are working closely with the Esri UK to ensure that our APIs can be accessed across the Esri ArcGIS platform. Whilst work is ongoing the OS Maps API provides web map tile services that can be consumed directly in ArcGIS Online. It is a simple case of adding the service (with your API key appended) and you can start to use the service immediately.

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