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Spatial Geographic Services and Applications Ltd

Spatial Geographic Services & Applications Ltd (aka sgsaltd) was started in 1992. Over the intervening years, we have carried out a variety of projects predominately for Public Sector clients.

These projects have included: the production of Local Plans, for both hard copy printed and web map forms, and, carrying out surveys (e.g. Tree Preservation Orders for one local authority, a Highways Inventory for another) and creating on-line maps and databases of the results. We have also carried out a number of small projects for non-governmental and commercial organisations.

Partner solutions

During a conversation with an ambulance crew member about sat-nav units, he commented, "We never know what's around the corner!" Sgsaltd are providing answers to that question.

As a first stage we are creating a fusion of Ordnance Survey® MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network® (ITN) information and OS Vector Map Local® (VML) data.

This finding solutions approach is typical of the type of work sgsaltd now undertakes. With the company’s 20 years of experience, together with my own 54 years of digital cartography, GIS, and spatial analysis, both in the UK and in the United States gives sgsaltd a unique edge in providing solutions to meet the needs of all potential clients.

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