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babyHydro Ltd

babyHydro Ltd was formed in October 2008 with the explicit ambition to become Scotland’s leading provider of complete micro and small-scale hydro power solutions. We seek to provide a focused service to clients looking to create run-of-river micro-hydro schemes in the power range of 10 kW to 500 kW.

We work with the client at the ‘Discovery’ stage to identify potential, then guide them through all subsequent stages to achieve project commissioning and provide full operational maintenance.

Partner solutions

Hydrobot® is a GIS-based model designed to analyse regions or whole countries and identify remaining sites that would be suitable for a profitable hydroelectric scheme. Hydrobot has been used to survey Scotland for the Scottish Government in two separate exercises.

We have also been providing Hydrobot assessments of rivers, estates and regions to landowners, developers and NGOs for over three years, both through a web-based service and direct contracting. We now also cover Wales and some parts of England.

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