Bluesky International Limited

Bluesky is an innovative and agile geographic information company formed in 2003 with the capability to capture, process, create and derive a broad range of market specific spatial datasets.

These include aerial photography, LiDAR, Thermal Infrared Imagery, 3D modelling, Tree Mapping and Solar Rood Mapping. Bluesky also undertake bespoke aerial surveys for a diverse range of customers across many market sectors.


Bluesky has taken national mapping to the next level by adding height information to OS MasterMap and OS VectorMap Local. Using either Bluesky’s photogrammetrically derived DSM or LiDAR data, Bluesky has developed a range of automated processes to attribute height values to building polygons extracted from either OS MasterMap or VectorMap Local. From this it is possible to accurately determine building heights in relation to the underlying terrain.

Bluesky will be following its launch of a heighted building layer with other heighted feature layers such as roads, railways and rivers.