Bryton Inc.

Bryton Inc was established in 2009 by elite consumer electronics product development and marketing teams with years of experience in the global market.

Our focus has been on product development to redefine sports electronics with GPS applications, improved usability and providing unique features to keep users interested and motivated in fitness activities.

Bryton is now a sports GPS brand with growing presence in the market, with a range of innovative models to suit sports lovers of all levels. Bryton brings together performance, fun and social networking into normal everyday exercise activities.


Bryton 1:50 000 scale GB Adventurer Map is designed to give sufficiently detailed map information for mountain biking users. Bryton GB Adventurer Map includes:

  • HD Basic Map and Cycling Routes and Trails Map as base map
  • All the roads, country lanes, byways and places of interest, tourist information, picnic areas, and camping sites, plus Rights of Way information for Great Britain detail to high Zoom level.
  • Terrain contours, elevations, summits, trails, trig points, campsites, geographic points and more. Contours at 10m intervals provide details about an elevation of certain area, the best way to ascend a peak or how to direct yourself by using landmarks.
  • Altitude information to provide elevation profile for planed route simultaneously.
  • Map source: Ordnance Survey/NAVTEQ®.