COWI Mapping UK

COWI Mapping is one of the largest private mapping and surveying businesses in Europe, covering a wide range of activities in the fields of aerial surveying, photogrammetry, vector mapping, remote sensing, mobile mapping, land surveying, cadastre, GIS/LIS and all related advisory services. The department has approximately 150 employees in the UK and Denmark, including a large number of Ph.D. and M.Sc. level staff, such as chartered land surveyors, photogrammetry experts, geographers, computer scientists, engineers, and the like. COWI carried out the first photogrammetric mapping projects in the 1960?s, and since then have conducted assignments all around the world. COWI Mapping UK belongs to COWI Group and provides services for public and private clients specialising mainly in government agencies and infrastructure engineering. COWI Mapping UK started to undertake digital mapping projects on the domestic and international market in 2004, and offers services in the field of photogrammetry, digital mapping, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), LiDAR capture and processing, and road and railway mapping.


Well-functioning communication lines are fundamental for the success of our projects. This calls for a well-defined organisation with unequivocal roles and responsibilities and for continuous dialogue between the project parties. COWI offers to make use of our project sites, which may function as the hub for communication and sharing of current information between COWI and other project parties. COWI project sites are integrated web-based sites accessible from any Internet computer. Data safety is guaranteed through password protection and other advanced security measures, ensuring that only those project parties invited to participate can gain access.