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DTM Technologies

DTM-Technologies, based in Anglesey, North Wales, specialise in digitally reproducing the world around us, accurately and at high resolution. We provide aerial survey, photography and film, land based laser scanning as well as traditional 3D digital modelling and animation.

We provide numerous type of Ordnance Survey mapping product through their Partner programme. Our deliverables are tailor-made for our client needs, interactive 3D applications, animations, point cloud and ‘meshes’. Survey grade data or simply for 3D visualisation purposes, we aim to provide whatever you require.

Partner solutions

DTM-Technologies based in Anglesey, North Wales, is primarily focused on providing clients with a visual representation of mapping data, survey data and 3D visualisation. In today’s world, transparency is a fundamental part of any new urban development, renewable energy scheme, conservation project or any such similar project.

DTM Technologies, can provide a service that can collect the information needed, Ordnance Survey data and bespoke data, and deliver the results in the format you require. 3D visualisation, animations, digital models, movies, imagery, geo-referenced terrains and 3D models all conforming to relevant industry standards in an environment that is understandable by all. Its all about the visuals.

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