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Esri UK

Esri UK is the leading provider of geographic information system (GIS) technology, helping businesses become more profitable and public service more efficient through a better understanding and analysis of location-based information. We are pleased to be an OS Licensed Partner.

Esri UK is the only company in the UK providing a complete and entirely integrated GIS solution through ArcGIS. This is a platform for sharing geospatial intelligence around the world, providing open geospatial capabilities to any user, allowing access by any application on any device anywhere, anytime. ArcGIS as a Platform is of great benefit and value to users, partners, developers and ultimately the world itself, creating an ecosystem and community of GIS users who can leverage resources and knowledge.

Partner solutions

Content Services from Esri UK provide organizations, from any industry, with access to experienced content and analytics specialists who can help them to get the most out of their investment in GIS, through the deployment of data, processes and tools that truly meet the needs of their business.

Esri UK has a successful track record for delivering the following services:

Consultancy services:

  • Bureau services
  • Analysis services
  • Workflow improvement
  • Best practice advice
  • Data strategy

Data sourcing and implementation:

  • Data sourcing and preparation services
  • Creating bespoke data solutions
  • Implementation advice
  • Worldwide coverage
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