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Europa Technologies Ltd.

Europa Technologies is an award-winning specialist in digital maps and associated services for a wide variety of market sectors and applications. Our resources allow organisations with international interests to better understand their customers, assets and markets, in a geographic context, to gain a competitive or strategic advantage. Mapping products and services from Europa Technologies are used by Fortune Global 500 companies, governments and several missions of the United Nations.

Partner solutions

viaEuropa is an online service for the delivery of high-quality Ordnance Survey maps direct to your application. It bridges the chasm between raw data delivery and a finished map product ready for deployment, making it ideal for any organisation needing to deliver location intelligent applications, whilst saving time, saving money and improving customer service.

viaEuropa is ideal for both public sector (PSMA and OSMA) and commercial users. Featuring award-winning cartography, the service provides easy access to Ordnance Survey products including OS OpenData,

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