Intelliscan Ltd

Intelliscan was founded in 1994 by a group of geospatial software engineers that recognised the significant value that data, and the systems used to store and analyse this data, could bring to business. We provide a vast bank of knowledge and experience to offer an all encompassing, quality, service.

We have a wide ranging skill set including PRINCE 2 qualified Project Managers, fully qualified Software Developers and Experienced Data Consultants.


Our Geo-Schematic Generation solution creates a schematic diagram from a connected geographic network. The geo-schematic maintains the overall shape of the network, whilst compressing the diagram as much as possible. We then add ‘geographic markers’ to the diagram to give geographic context. This may be in the form of road names derived from OS MasterMap ITN data or Strategi® or Meridian OS OpenData sets and/or location names from AddressBase® or OS MasterMap Address Layer 2 data sets.

We also provide web mapping abilities using our MapBlocks technology – which uses a collection of OpenSource ‘blocks’ and OS OpenData to build interactive mapping websites.