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Landmark Information

The UK’s leading provider of digital mapping, property data and related environmental risk information since the inception of the business in 1995. We are Ordnance Survey's largest commercial partner and work with other industry leaders to ensure we provide the most accurate data and services – chosen by property professionals who want the most accurate and up-to-date location information.

We’ll give you access to the largest repository of professional mapping and data in the UK – including, small and large scale digital mapping and data, GIS, historical maps, aerial photography and site intelligence reports, together with high quality environmental risk and planning information. our focus on quality data enables us to provide unrivalled expertise and solutions that create peace of mind for our customers.

Partner solutions

With a wide portfolio of services to cater for all property industry needs, from fraud, environmental risk, digital mapping and data for both public and private sectors.

Key services include:

  • Environmental Services - Digital mapping and location data, environmental analysis and risk reporting
  • Estate Agency Services – Comprehensive housing data, Floorplan technology and valuation information
  • Legal Services – Delivering a comprehensive and flexible range of environmental, flood and planning reports to legal and conveyancing professionals
  • Landmark Valuation Services – Provider of survey and mortgage valuation technologies, along with fraud detection and prevention tools to support lenders and surveyors in combating mortgage fraud
  • Landmark Solutions – Delivering managed solutions, GIS and services to both the public and private sectors
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