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With over 25 years of experience, Mapmechanics is a leading provider of digital map data around the world. Mapmechanics’ data helps businesses to find new opportunities, identify areas for expansion and improve overall business efficiency. Data is supplied in all major database, GIS and logistics software formats and ranges from street-level mapping in the UK to census data for South Africa.

Mapmechanics has a team of geographical experts on hand to advise and help guide you through the selection and implementation processes. Clients include bottled gas delivery, carpet manufacture, field service engineers, home delivery, retail, supermarkets, utilities and more.

Partner solutions

Mapmechanics provides a huge range of geographical data solutions for clients across the commercial sector. Our key focus is offering rooftop geocoding for use in delivery planning applications and providing street-level mapping for detailed multi-vehicle route sequencing and scheduling, using our street-level speed databases as a key value-add for more precise results.

We specialise in providing mapping solutions (such as retail locations and points of interest) for Smart Cities / Internet of Things (IoT) projects as well as for traditional GIS and geomarketing applications, e.g. territory management, with data processed and formatted to allow you to “plug and play”. We also offer a comprehensive consultancy service where we can perform analysis or produce mapping for clients on a per-project basis.

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