PIE Mapping

PIE has four divisions catering for customers with different needs: 1) Gateway – Comprehensive online mapping services to deliver essential local authority information for compliant routing and parking information. 2) PIE Guides – Printed maps for communities such as motorbike riders and blue badge holders. 3) Data Exchange – A repository of transport related data collected from a wide variety of sources including over 470 local authorities across the UK. Ability to download via webservices to suit multiple applications. 4) Bespoke – Commissions from public and private bodies to develop customised mapping solutions as either a stand-alone, hosted service or integrated into existing systems.


Under PIE’s Gateway division PIE have developed a freight oriented journey planner known as Freight Gateway. This has been chosen by councils to help tackle many of the negative impacts of freight in their authority such as air pollution, congestion, bridge strikes, illegal loading/unloading and rat running.

The web interface presents a very powerful, but-easy-to-use journey planning tool. By showing freight the most efficient and safest routes to take, as well as destination delivery information such as kerbside restrictions, councils can help influence freight movements and combat such negative effects of freight.