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Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes has developed easy-to-use solutions to help make businesses more profitable and governments improve service delivery.

Our solutions deliver powerful visual ways to analyze spatial and business data to drive more effective decision-making across commercial and government organizations.

Partner solutions

Pitney Bowes power transactions that drive commerce. Delivering accuracy and precision across the connected world of commerce, enabling billions of physical and digital transactions, it means:

  • identifying patterns within a client’s data to help them target customers in the best way possible
  • providing the most comprehensive and accurate location data so our clients can make confident business decisions
  • helping our clients connect the dots of their customers’ lives, so they can deliver the right messages at the right time
  • making sure the right statement, invoice or credit card bill ends up in the right envelope—and the right mailbox—millions of times a day. Backed by an international team of over 16,000, we help our clients create meaningful impact for their customers and their businesses. Big or small, we deliver client-centric solutions to help businesses make the most out of every transaction and interaction—accurately and securely.
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