Pitney Bowes

Everyone, every place, everything is addressable.

An address is more than just a physical location. It anchors thousands of data points on people who inhabit or pass through it, places that are at that address and in close proximity, and things such as connected devices, mobile phones, sensors, and beacons. There’s no other company in the world that knows more about addresses and location than Pitney Bowes.

For nearly a century, Pitney Bowes has processed 100s of billions of addresses, precision matched thousands of data points to each address, and ensured billions of pieces of mail every year get to its intended recipients quickly and efficiently. In this time, we have learned how to handle incredible amounts of data and find relationships in this data to help you better manage risk, improve decision making, and increase customer engagement to create meaningful impact for your customers and your business.

Pitney Bowes delivers client-centric solutions to help businesses make the most out of every transaction and interaction, accurately and securely. With easy-to-use solutions to help governments improve service delivery and make businesses more profitable, our global datasets and analytical software solutions drive more effective decision-making across commercial and government organisations.

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Pitney Bowes powers transactions that drive commerce and deliver insight. Delivering accuracy and precision and enabling billions of physical and digital transactions, our wide range of datasets and software solutions allow our clients to:

  • Identify patterns within their data to help them gain insights in to their market and target customers in the best way possible.
  • Access the most up to date worldwide business, location and demographic data and incorporate it quickly into their organisation.
  • Solve business needs through customized data and software solutions delivered by our worldwide services organisation

Watch Pitney Bowes' video to learn how they can help you surface relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between people, places and things.