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SeaZone is a world-leader in the provision of downloadable and web served marine geospatial data and information. We produce a range of innovative vector mapping, raster mapping and bathymetry data products; known as HydroSpatial, HydroView and TruDepth.

HydroSpatial contains six topic layers and provides information comparable with land mapping. SeaZone TruDepth Grids provides one seamless layer of best available UK bathymetry.

Over 850 organisations across the oil and gas, renewable energy, conservation and public sectors use SeaZone data and services to support decision making in the marine environment and coastal zone. SeaZone is wholly owned by HR Wallingford Ltd.

Partner solutions

SeaZone data when used alongside Ordnance Survey data provides a complete and comprehensive picture;

  • For the planning, risk assessment, construction management, and monitoring of assets.
  • For the management of the environmental issues across the land, sea and coastal zone.
  • For understanding the past and present relationship between the land and sea around the UK.
  • To support decision making associated with all of the above.
  • To monitor the movement of transport and goods across land and sea.
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