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Verilocation Ltd t/a Overview Mapping

Verilocation is a location-based service company and provides a number of different solutions. Historically we are a traditional cartography trading under the name Overview Mapping, however the main focus for the business now is the development of its tracking/telematics products and services. The range of products in this area, ranges from simple triangulation of mobile phone locations to complex vehicle telematics solutions in HGV vehicles. Verilocation still offers the traditional cartography services under the Overview Mapping name from which bespoke mapping printing solutions can be created and territory mapping and other GIS solutions are offered.

Partner solutions

Our web-based vehicle tracking/telematics system start from a basic tracking unit right up to a full CANBUS and tacho card reading, route and two way messaging Garmin®, PTO monitoring telematics solution. We can even add temperature montoring, panic alarm, door sensors, speed alerting and whole host of other features. We specialise in creating a bespoke solution for every customer to provide a cost-effective solution that can help with the daily running of their business.

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