Verisk GeoInformation is an award-winning market leader in geospatial data and analytical solutions in the UK. They are part of the multinational company Verisk, a leading data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, natural resources and financial services. Verisk offers predictive analytics and decision support solutions around the world. Verisk help customers protect people, property, and financial assets.

Our suite of geographic information products includes: UKMap, UKBuildings, UKLand and UKSurvey.

Partner solutions

UKBuildings provides a unique and accurate profile of residential and non-residential building stock classified by age and type and use across Great Britain. Our database covers all of the major urban areas and is linked to OS AddressBase products to support integration with customer databases. The UKBuildings database has been used by organisations from local and regional government through to utilities and insurance companies. The applications include urban planning, long-term energy, gas and water leakage predication, insurance valuations and property development.