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OS MasterMap Topograpghy Layer richer attribution

Ordnance Survey is currently proposing new, richer attribution to help your customers answer their questions more quickly, as well as to begin the journey from a flat view of the geography of Great Britain to one with building heights. Details of these are currently available through our customer consultation process, OS Insight. We have also produced a short promotion video outlining these and other current planned improvements to OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most consistent, comprehensive, accurate and complete digital representation of the geography of Great Britain available from a single source. It enables organisations to geographically enable business processes, from precisely locating an emergency incident through to a customer managing critical infrastructure and assets.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer underpins the nation’s biggest and most complex commercial organisations and sits at the heart of central and local government policies and processes. If your customers need to reference their assets effectively or conduct risk and environmental assessment, then OS MasterMap Topography Layer provides the intelligent framework for them to improve business processes.

With over 10,000 daily updates to the core database of 470,000,000 features, OS MasterMap Topography Layer enables your customers to access a detailed, maintained view of the urban and rural geographies of Great Britain delivered in six-weekly refreshes, with feature level change only updates to identify how the landscape is constantly evolving and changing.

Find out more about OS MasterMap Topography layer, read case studies and download free sample data on our website.

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