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OS MasterMap® Sites Layer – Area-based pricing

As of 1st April 2014, OS MasterMap® Sites Layer is available to buy in 5 km2 tiles, so that smaller areas of interest can now be ordered.

Why are we changing?

OS MasterMap Sites Layer was launched in April 2013 with a national price only. In response to customer demand, we have now added the option to buy smaller areas of interest in 5 km2 chunks. This will significantly increase the number of customers that can make use of this product.

What is Sites Layer?

Sites Layer is a maintained national dataset showing the detailed extent of important locations such as airports, schools, hospitals, ports and utility and infrastructure sites. Attribution on each site includes the site name and the UPRN of the primary building. The points of access into these sites from the nearest road network and routing points that reference the OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer are also provided.

The Sites Layer provides intelligence for a range of applications such as asset management, emergency and contingency planning, and risk analysis. For example, a utility company can use the information to assess the impact of maintenance works on important sites to aid in operational planning. The data is also valuable to the emergency services sector, where knowing the exact location of a site and where the access points to it are, is crucial to ensure efficient incident responses.

As an indication, approximate prices of the product for a corporate licence for one year are:

Greater London




Hampshire (inc. Southampton and Portsmouth)


Find out more on the OSMasterMap Sites Layer web page where you can also download sample data.

If you have any questions please contact us at: BusinessEnquiries@ordnancesurvey.co.uk

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