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Building Height Attribute : Alpha release 2 now available

What is happening?

Ordnance Survey is pleased to announce that there will be a second alpha release of OS MasterMap® Topography Layer – Building Height Attribute this July. This will expand the coverage from 8,000km2 to over 10,000km2 of the main towns and cities in Great Britain. We have produced a map showing the coverage so far, which will be updated with the new coverage when it is released. View map.

What is Building Height Attribute?

Building Height Attribute is a set of additional attributes that enhances and forms part of OS MasterMap® Topography Layer. It provides customers with some simple attributes on building heights for urban areas. The building heights are calculated automatically using remotely sensed data. Attribution is provided for the ground level, the base of the roof (which can be thought of as being similar to eave height) and the highest part of the roof of each building. This attribution can be used to make simple 3D visualisations and in analytical applications such as urban planning, risk assessment, signal propogation and line-of-sight analysis.

As it is currently an alpha release, Building Height Attribute is supplied as a separate .csv file that needs to be joined to the Topography Layer using the TOID.

For more information, please see the OS Topography Layer support page.

How do I get it?

For Partners that have already signed up to receive Building Height Attribute, we will send you a full supply of the data including the new coverage as soon as it is available.

Partners who are licenced for Topography Layer that have not yet signed up to receive Building Height Attribute can do so using this order form.

To find out more information on Building Height Attribute, please contact your Account Manager.

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