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Imagery update - A great start to the flying season

The sun is out and we have already captured 46,000 kms of imagery in the 2014 flying season - we will be refreshing the OS MasterMap Imagery Layer shortly. This will further improve the currency of OS MasterMap Imagery Layer of which 66% is three years old or less, and 98% is five years old or less, demonstrating our commitment to maintenance.

Take a look at the new interactive currency map.

OS MasterMap Imagery provides additional contextual information that mapping cannot, such as roof type, vegetation, road surface, land use, road markings and pipeworks which makes it integral to analysis such as planning, asset management, environmental protection and risk analysis. In addition to this OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is updated from the same source imagery as our large scale data, notably OS MasterMap Topography and OS Terrain 5 so customers can be assured of consistent data that is more powerful when used together.

In 2014 the imagery layer is being refreshed with the first output from a significant investment into our cameras and processing. This is delivering enhanced quality and true-orthorectified imagery (which removes lean from buildings). True-orthorectification reduces instances of ground features that are obscured by building lean plus mapping data is easier to interpret when overlaid onto the imagery. This makes the imagery even easier to use, particularly in urban environments where taller buildings are common.

As a result of significant investment in our core product fulfilment systems we have introduced, in April, a number of changes to our supply of OS MasterMap Imagery layer. We have modernised the formats and delivery of data to bring the product into line with the supply of our other data products.

We are also continuing to collect data for high resolution 10cm imagery in urban areas, infra-red and archive imagery which we continue to explore the market opportunities for.

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