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Using statistics to develop market insight

The Office for National Statistics publish a wealth of information that you might find useful when assessing market opportunity. For instance, the Index of Services report showed a 2.7% GDP growth across all services in February 2014 compared with last year. In particular business services and finance increased by 3.6%; distribution, hotels and restaurants increased by 4.1%.

A construction report showed that in Q1 2014 construction output rose by 0.6% (£180 million).

In the House Price Index, annual house price increases in England were said to be driven by rises in London (17.0%), the East (6.6%) and the South East (6.1%), with first time buyers paying 10% more than last year.

The Retail sales report indicates that non food retailers enjoyed a bigger increase in sales and the amount spent online increased by 7.1% in March 2014.

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