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Ordnance Survey is pleased to be launching the alpha release of Simple Building Heights, a supplementary dataset for our customers to use with OS MasterMap® Topography Layer at the end of March 2014.

The Simple Building Heights offering is an important first step to implementing 3D within our flagship products and thereby addressing the increasing customer need for height information. The emergent demand for 3D data is being driven by the need to support applications as diverse as flooding and future cities planning, in conjunction with more traditional visualisations. This significantly reinforces the use and value of the OS MasterMap® Topography Layer.

The Simple Building Heights alpha release will provide customers with a set of height values (including a ‘top of roof’ and ‘average roof eave height’ value) for buildings in OS MasterMap® Topography Layer in urban areas. These can be used to make simple 3D visualisations and are an important variable in a range of analytical applications (urban massing, line-of-sight, noise propagation, and the list goes on).

The initial release of Simple Building Heights will provide data for approximately 8,000km2 of the urban areas of Great Britain with the remaining urban areas coming on-line in 2014 and national coverage after that. From our OS Insight engagement we know that there is clear customer expectation for Simple Building Heights to form part of OS MasterMap® Topography Layer. The release of an alpha product is specifically intended to help explore the potential applications and ensure that resultant developments are appropriately aligned to customers business needs.

To find out more information on Simple Building Heights, please contact your Account Manager.

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