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1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer

Please note: On 1 June 2015 we issued a formal notice of withdrawal for this product.


  • Mid. scale - regional

Data use

  • Names and gazetteers

Data format

  • Vector

1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer is a GB reference tool and location finder containing 250,000 distinctive place and feature names in the 1:50,000 Scale Colour Raster product. It is commonly used with the 50k colour raster, to locate places within map tiles.

The product is similar to the index at the back of a road atlas and contains entries for airports, farms, hills, woodlands, commons and other places, as well as over 42,000 town and settlement names. It enables rapid identification of locations around the country, as national coverage is held in a single file.

It can be used as a simple list to find out relevant coordinates, at a resolution of 1km linked to the relevant 1:50,000 tile, and six-figure grid references for a town or area. It is used in a range of sectors, such as transport and logistics, mobile apps, outdoor leisure, land and Property and central and local government.

Customers use it to geocode data and create lists of places within a specified area.

The product is free to view, download and use under OS OpenData™ terms.

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By taking away the former district council boundaries and using Ordnance Survey’s mapping data in conjunction with route optimisation software, Northumberland County Council has reduced vehicle costs and increased levels of recycling.

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