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OS MasterMap Address Layer 2

Please note: On 31 October 2014, formal notice of withdrawal was issued for Address Layer 2 and Address Layer. Associated questions and answers for the withdrawal are also available.


  • Large scale - local

Data use

  • Addressing

Data format

  • Vector

OS MasterMap® Address Layer 2 links any property address to its location on the map. It provides precise coordinates for more than 27 million residential and commercial properties in Great Britain.

This product is ideal to meet the needs of your business if you provide essential doorstep services.

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Suggested uses

  • Asset management
  • Demographic profiling
  • Environmental analysis
  • Risk management
  • Service provision

For general information about OS MasterMap Address Layer, please contact us or speak to your account manager.

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Case studies

From accurately targeting ‘no smoking’ campaigns to plotting hotspots of low take-up of immunisation programmes, Ordnance Survey geographic information is having a major impact on improving health care in North Essex.

Establishing accurate, up-to-date ownership information is crucial when negotiating way leaves, leases, acquisitions and access agreements for major pipeline and utility projects, but traditional, historic mapping techniques have proved to be slow and costly. Promap enables the exact position of physical boundaries to be established quickly and easily.

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