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AddressBase products

Identify opportunities, monitor trends, manage risk and deliver better customer service with this essential location intelligence for business and government.

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AddressBase enables you to link additional information about a property to a single address and locate it on a map. Containing over 28 million addresses from Royal Mail’s postal address file (PAF), it classifies them as either residential or commercial. This makes it a powerful tool for direct marketing.

AddressBase Plus adds 6 million more addresses to those contained in AddressBase, plus a greater level of detail. It makes your marketing more accurate, offer greater insights into fraud risk, permits more precise validation checks and improves regulatory compliance. You can also explore your data more effectively because it enables you to cross-reference between a wide range of information sources.

For example, when a house is divided into six flats, you need to know about all of the different households within, their lifestyles and the services they use. AddressBase Plus offers the framework for this level of intelligence.

Containing approximately 40 million records, AddressBase Premium is the most comprehensive address dataset of all. It enables you to plan future infrastructure services more effectively, such as the capacity of new sewers or telecommunications links, by showing you where new homes or offices are going to be built.

Since it includes historical addresses, you can spot fraud immediately if somebody tries, for instance, to insure or to claim to reside at a property that no longer exists.

And because it also includes alternative addresses (for example, the owners of 6 Acacia Avenue call their house Hillcrest), you can ensure customer satisfaction by using the alternative property name in correspondence whilst avoiding duplicate records within your own data.

AddressBase Islands covers Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It offers the property lifecycle detail and cross-referencing possibilities of AddressBase Premium. An AddressBase Plus version is available, too.

How the products compare

AddressBaseAddressBase PlusAddressBase Premium
UPRN – basic analysisYY Y
PAF Address – Royal Mail addressesYYY
PAF UDPRN – Royal Mail’s delivery reference systemYYY
Local Authority Current AddressNYY
Cross reference with third-party datasetsNYY
Alternative AddressesNNY
Lifecyle dataNNY

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Meet the family

AddressBase Premium is the most accurate geographic dataset of addresses, properties and land areas.

AddressBase Plus - current properties and addresses from local authorities, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail matched to the Unique Property Reference Number.

AddressBase Islands offers accurate geographic data about addresses, properties and land areas in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Royal Mail PAF addresses, both commercial and residential, matched to the local authority Unique Property Reference Number. AddressBase is a good entry-level product for your business.

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