Code-Point with polygons

Code-Point® with polygons shows the notional shape of every postcode unit in Great Britain, and includes major buildings with multiple postcodes.


For compelling visuals, Code-Point with polygons lets you apply shading to individual postcodes on a map. This means you can analyse location data at the most granular level and bring your results vividly to life.

We give you every single postcode in Great Britain and Northern Ireland – including those for different floors of high-rise buildings.

For accuracy, we give every postcode a positional quality rating and map out the boundaries of only the postcodes we can locate most precisely.

Feature 1

The big picture

With over 1.6 million postcodes all mapped out, Code-Point with polygons brings geographic analysis location to life and helps you make better decisions, whatever your issue – crime prevention, public health, economic regeneration and much more.

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Opportunities stack up

Using the ‘vertical streets’ data in this product, quickly identify densely populated areas. They’re an ideal location for a retail or fast food business that relies on high footfall.

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Manage your risks better

Display postcode boundaries on a map, then add contours and your own claims data. This is a great way to identify low-lying postcodes, so you can quote for insurance at a price that reflects higher flood risks.


Key featuresWhat this product offers

ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF or MapInfo TAB

Data structure



Includes notional polygons; vertical streets data; postcode units; eastings and northings; NHS® health authority codes; administrative codes; PO box indicator; and types of delivery points.


Up to 1:1250

Update frequency

Quarterly – April, July, October and January


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Great Britain

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Postcode unit
Eastings and Northings
Positional quality indicator
Local government codes
NHS codes
PO Box
Domestic delivery points per postcode unit
Non-domestic delivery points per postcode unit
Northern Ireland coverage
Vertical street look-up table
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How is this data supplied and what do I need to use it?

Code-Point with polygons is available either by download or on DVD.

You'll need geographic information system (GIS) software to use it.

Why can't I find a particular postcode in Code-Point with polygons?

Urban development creates a need for more postcodes, and sometimes the supply runs low. To allow for future growth, Royal Mail recodes areas every so often. For example, it might rename all or part of the RG1 area to RG10.

Postcodes have a hierarchy of areas, districts sectors, and units – the lowest level. When changes by Royal Mail result in postcodes no longer being valid, we take them out this product.

Why do postcode fields contain a varying number of spaces?

When used in an address, a single space should separate the inward code (incode) from the outward code (outcode). But within the supplied Code-Point products, there may be 0, 1 or 2 spaces between these two elements.

The postcode field is set at seven characters. The varying number of spaces in this field depends on the number of characters in the postcode. Rules in the production system also require seven characters in the postcode. Our User guide explains how to create single-space postcodes.

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Code-Point with polygons is available under the following Licences:

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You’re welcome to try out this data for free under our Data Exploration Licence.

Internal business use

When using OS data in your own business, you need our Framework Contract (Direct Customers) together with a data contract.

Creating products or services

To use this data commercially in your own products and services, or to distribute it, you will need to sign up to our Framework Contract (Partners) and a relevant defined use contract. This will vary depending on what you’re going to do with the data.

Collective mapping agreements

These products are available to members of public sector organisations under the following agreements:

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This product is available under the:

  • Media Licence. We encourage the use of OS maps in the media – TV, films, print and online. Sign up free to give your consumers valuable context via an authoritative map.
  • Publishing licence. This is suitable for one-off publishing of maps in publications, on merchandising and websites.
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Case studies

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