This product is now superseded by the OS MasterMap Highways Network family of products

OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer

OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network™ Layer gives a current and complete network view of Great Britain's roads. For any enquiries, please contact us ›


This is a comprehensive network view of Great Britain's roads. But OS MasterMap Highways Network is now out and offers you much more.

OS MasterMap Highways Network is a family of products that bring together the best information from authoritative sources in one central location.

It’s much more than a route planning tool. Highways Network products gives you detailed road and path asset management information. Learn more

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Why OS MasterMap Highways Network?

OS MasterMap Highways Network lets you plan detailed routes for a variety of vehicle types. Going beyond ITN Layer, it tells you who maintains any stretch of road network, the type of surface reinstatement values and other key information. Discover the benefits

(Specification information below is for ITN Layer)


Key featuresWhat this product offers

This product has been superseded by the OS MasterMap Highways Network family of products.


GML 2.1.2 (supplied in compressed .gz format).

Type of roads

Motorway, A road, B road, minor road, local street, alleyway, private roads – publicly accessible, private road – restricted access, pedestrianised streets

Road Routing Information

Access restrictions; bridge over road; firing range; ford; gate; level crossing; mandatory and banned turns; one-way; physical weight and width restrictions; rising bollards; severe turn; steep and very steep gradients; through route; toll indicator; and traffic calming.

Urban paths

Man-made paths in urban areas of Great Britain larger than 5km2.

Update frequency

Every six weeks (view release schedule). Full re-supply, change-only updates or managed GB set options are available. Urban Paths Theme is updated quarterly.


DVD or FTP (for orders under 2Gb).


Great Britain

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How is this data supplied and what do I need to use it?

ITN Layer is supplied on DVD. If the file size of your order is smaller than 2Gb, you can get it from our FTP server. In addition, public sector customers can download 5km chunk orders via our download service.

You'll need geographic information system (GIS) software to use ITN Layer.

If sat nav devices are routing vehicles wrongly, can I make changes to ITN to correct this?

We can check the road designation – A-road, minor, private – and if there are any physical or signed restrictions in place. But the actual route from one destination to another is worked out by providers of software and data for sat nav devices.

Please see Sat nav systems and OS data for more information, and links to report errors to manufacturers.

How is the road network described in ITN Layer?

RoadLink features represent individual sections of road and show the general alignment of the carriageway. Attribution information for each RoadLink describes the road's type and nature.

Road type classifications include motorway, A road, B road, minor road, local street, private road (publicly accessible), private road (restricted access), alley and pedestrianised street. Road classifications include single carriageway, dual carriageway, slip road, roundabout and traffic island.

Relationships at the ends of RoadLink features describe connectivity. A relative third dimension allows for roads crossing at different levels.

Compound features that reference RoadLink features represent named and numbered roads, and their extents.

How is information about routing represented in ITN Layer?

The Road Routing Information (RRI) theme of ITN Layer brings together factors that might affect a driver's choice of route. These include physical restrictions, permissions and other signed information for drivers.

The restriction information is referenced rather than applied to the base network. This means we can in future extend the range of information collected. And if you aren't looking for routing information, you don't need to use it.

The main categories of restriction information captured are as follows:

  • One way
  • No entry
  • Access prohibitions
  • Access limitations
  • Turn restrictions
  • Mandatory turns

To whom the restrictions apply and any time constraints are also captured.

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