OS MasterMap

OS MasterMap is the definitive source of highly-detailed geographic data of Great Britain. We offer it in layers – topographic, imagery, networks – so you can buy just what you need.

topography image

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain's landscape – from roads to fields, to buildings and trees, fences, paths and more.

Highways network roads

OS MasterMap Highways Network

OS MasterMap Highways Network provides all the highways data you need, in one place. It’s a new, common and authoritative view of the whole road network in Great Britain, ideal for routing and public sector data-sharing.

green spaces on a map

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer - for PSMA/OSMA members

This dataset is available exclusively to the public sector, under a government mapping agreement. It shows accessible and non-accessible greenspaces in urban areas, helping to support a wider set of government initiatives around health and the environment.

water network on a map

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer

This is the only detailed, heighted water network of Great Britain showing the flow and precise course of rivers, streams, lakes and canals. It supports flood risk management and is ideal for data sharing.

aerial imagery

OS MasterMap Imagery Layer

When you need the visual feel for a location, the aerial photography of OS MasterMap Imagery Layer gives you the real-world view.

transport network map

OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer

From 31 March 2019 our Integrated Transport Network (ITN) product will be withdrawn and replaced by OS MasterMap Highways Network.
OS MasterMap Highways Network is a family of products which bring together information from the National Street Gazetteer (NSG), local authorities for England and Wales, and other authoritative sources.