OS MasterMap

A continually updated database, OS MasterMap contains 450 million geographic features found in the real world, from individual addresses to roads and buildings. Every feature has a unique common reference (a TOID), which enables the layers to be used together and combined with your own information.

    Topography Layer map sample

    OS MasterMap Topography Layer

    The cornerstone of the OS MasterMap family, this gives you the context you need to interpret addresses, routes, imagery and all of the other information offered by the other layers, as well as complementary terrain and gazetteer datasets. It now includes Sites data; Building Height Attribution is currently in Alpha release.
    Aerial photo

    Imagery Layer

    Aerial photography of the highest quality and currency, Imagery Layer enables you to monitor features such as road markings, tree canopies, pipes and paths from your desktop, reducing the need for site visits.
    OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer TOID attribution

    ITN Layer

    The most current and complete network view of Great Britain’s roads available today, ITN shows the geometry of 550,000 km of motorways, roads and urban paths. It underpins many routing applications developed by our Partners.
    OS MasterMap Highways Network linear detail and attribution

    Highways Network

    OS MasterMap Highways Network (Version 1) is one authoritative single view of the whole road network in Great Britain.
    OS MasterMap Water Layer over OS VectorMap District

    Water Network

    The only detailed, heighted water network of Great Britain, this shows the flow and precise course of rivers, streams, lakes and canals. It's an ideal tool for flood risk management decisions and sharing information between national and local organisations.

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