Open data products

OS open data products (OS OpenData) are a set of free digital maps of Great Britain, available for anyone to use, for any purpose. Choose from 12 products - all we ask is that you acknowledge us.

Getting started

Open Map Local backdrop map showing OS street view data

Start by viewing example demos of our products such as our our Boundary-Line demo and our OS Open Zoomstack API demo.

You can then view all our free products - we offer 12 free OS map data products including data on roads, rivers, and boundaries.

When you're ready, get OS OpenData by downloading it or ordering it on DVD. Our getting started guide tells you how to use our mapping data - you'll need a geographic information system (GIS).

OS Open Roads map data

Ordnance Survey OpenData products are free under the Open Government Licence (OGL) but we ask that you display the proper acknowledgement when you use them. See our open licence page for how to credit us.

We support the Open Data Institute (ODI) to help people develop ideas with trusted data.

Need help using our open data?

Boundary-Line OpenData shows boundaries in GB

Take a look at our frequently asked questions for how to use our products. You can also talk to other users on our support forum.

If you're a developer, check out our API section for product guides and documentation.

For ideas on what to do with our free maps, see how other people have used OS data. You may want to include it in your website or presentations, or print out map visuals for your wall.

Looking for more free map data?

We also offer a wide range of commercial products which you can develop, test and include in your applications. Try OS data for free before you commit to a commercial licence.

We're also opening up our OS MasterMap data for businesses and developers to use.

Ready to order?

Order OpenData here.

Looking for a different type of data?

View all our business products.