OS MasterMap Building Height Attribute

OS MasterMap Topography Layer – Building Height Attribute shows building height properties to help manage assets, plan works and visualise urban density.

The demo explained
This demo shows Building Height data in Exeter.
Use '3D building sample' to see buildings in 3D. Click on a building to find detailed information about its height properties.
The green/jade areas in the 'Coverage map' show where we’ve currently mapped Building Height data.

Feature 1

See more with building height data

OS MasterMap Topography Layer now includes an enhanced feature - Building Height Attribute. You can visualise buildings in 3D and use the data in a range of analytical applications to understand the built environment.

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What can OS building height data be used for?

Energy and Infrastructure

  • Modelling heat loss.
  • Regulating requirements such as high-rise gas safety.
  • Helping the smart meter roll-out.
  • Analysing line of sight for small cell planning.
  • Managing overhead cable routing.
  • Planning and maintaining water pressure to high-rise properties.

Land and Property

  • Architecture: Visualising building designs early in the planning phase.


  • Modelling air pollution.
  • Siting solar panels.
  • Visualising planning applications in the context of surrounding buildings.
  • Emergency services: Knowing when and where to deploy specialist equipment.
  • Visualising urban density.

Download sample data

Building Height sample data contains all attribution of the final product.

Download sample data of Exeter

What parts of the country are covered?

There are parts of GB which are currently unavailable within the Building Height Attribute coverage data but we're working towards full national coverage. The demo above shows buildings in Exeter.

Getting started

Our MasterMap Topography Layer support page has product guides, technical specifications and more.

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