OS MasterMap Highways Network

The next generation of road mapping, providing the most detailed view of the physical network, latest navigation and road information

OS MasterMap Highways Network products

OS MasterMap Highways Network is a family of products that brings together the best information from authoritative sources in to one central location. Information is gathered by people that manage and understand the roads.

OS MasterMap Highways Network lets you plan detailed routes for a variety of vehicle types. It gives you accurate and precise asset management information on who maintains the road network and the type of surface reinstatement values. And it's a valuable reporting tool, for key facts and statistics about the road, against a consistent and authoritative base.

So whether you want the best route between two points, or who's responsible for this road and what is happening beneath, OS MasterMap Highways Network can help you be more efficient or avoid fines, saving your business money.

Feature 1

OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads

OS MasterMap® Highways Network is the most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain. It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads.

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Feature 1

OS MasterMap Highways Network – Routing & Asset Management Information

Great Britain's most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset.

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OS MasterMap Highways Network – Paths

Britain's most complete, detailed, accurate and authoritative path network dataset.

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 RoadsRouting and Asset ManagementPaths
Topoographic Identifier (TOID – your link to other OS Mastermap Layers)
Unique Street Reference Number (USRN)
Elementary Street Unit (ESU – the geometry of a street)
Junction information
One ways
Turn restrictions
Weight and width
Level crossing
Traffic calming
Lane rental schemes
Traffic sensitve streets
Protected street
Special engineering difficulty
Public rights of way
Office for National Statistics (ONS) codes

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