OS MasterMap Highways Network


OS MasterMap® Highways Network is the most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain. It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads.


For all highways stakeholders, OS MasterMap Highways Network is data you can trust. It draws on authoritative sources and helps underpin the common operational picture that leads to faster, better decisions.

A common highways dataset means a common understanding of where incidents are happening, and what's happening in the surrounding area.

OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads will give you detailed information about planned roads and roads under construction helping you to better understand the roads of today and the roads of tomorrow.

Comprehensive and authoritative

OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads includes our highly accurate road network geometry . It joins together OS high-quality, accurately surveyed data with features from the National Street Gazetteer; the Local Highways Authorities road name, numbering and maintenance; and the Trunk Road Street Gazetteer collected by Highways England and Welsh Government.

graphic of road network and address text box

Linking streets to homes and infrastructure

Thanks to the Unique Street Reference Number (USRN), this data links to AddressBase®. So you can search for or navigate to an address, improve consultation with residents about roadworks, and identify installations like electricity substations.

graphic of road network and attribute text box showing road under construction

Sweat your assets

Since OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads dovetails with OS MasterMap Topography layer, you’ll understand precisely how roads, land and buildings exist together. This helps you make efficiency gains through insights into how capital assets can be better managed.

photo of country road

Great data, supplied simply

While it contains highly-detailed road geometry and tons of essential information, OS MasterMap Highways Network is designed for simplicity. It replaces a number of different network datasets and follows well-known geospatial and technical standards.

graphic of road network

Working together

OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads is designed to work with OS MasterMap Topography Layer and the AddressBase family, joining together the best from OS products. Highways Network focuses on joining the topographic identifiers (TOIDs) between these products to enable various applications, from doorstep deliveries to managing streetworks more effectively.

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For commercial customers, and PSMA and OSMA members, this data is available as areas of interest and a national dataset. For Partners this data is available as a national dataset.

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Key featuresWhat this product offers

GML 3.2.1

Data structure

Vector – topologically-structured link and node network.


Road Classification, Road Name, Unique Street Reference Number (USRN), Turn Restrictions, Access Restrictions, Maintenance Responsibility, Reinstatement Information, Height Weight Width and Length Restrictions.




Great Britain

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How is this data supplied and what do I need to use it?

OS MasterMap Highways Network goes on sale in October 2016. In the meantime, you can sign up to download evaluation data as either:

a PSMA or OSMA member; or

a Licensed Partner or commercial customer.

You'll need geographic information system (GIS) software to use it.

Is it included in the PSMA?

We're working with Department for Business Innovation and Skills to get this included in the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA). However, evaluation data is being made available to the all PSMA members in line with the contract we've signed with Department for Transport.

How is routing information represented?

The restriction information is not applied to the base network, but is referenced. This allows the range of information collected to be extended in the future and minimises the impact on customers not concerned with routing information. The main categories of restriction information captured are as follows:

  • One way
  • No entry
  • Access restrictions
  • Height restrictions
  • Turn restrictions
  • Mandatory turns

To whom the restrictions apply and any time constraints are also captured.

What's happening to OS MasterMap ITN Layer?

We intend to withdraw this product at a later date, once OS MasterMap Highways Network is established in the market. In due course, we'll issue a withdrawal notice for ITN.

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Roads is available under the following Licences:

Explore our data

You’re welcome to try out this data for free under our Data Exploration Licence.

Internal business use

When using OS data in your own business, you need our Framework Contract (Direct Customers) together with a data contract.

Creating products or services

To use this data commercially in your own products and services, or to distribute it, you will need to sign up to our Framework Contract (Partners) and a relevant defined use contract. This will vary depending on what you’re going to do with the data.

Collective mapping agreements

These products are available to members of public sector organisations under the following agreements:

Find out more in our Public sector licensing guide ›

This product is available under the:

  • Media Licence. We encourage the use of OS maps in the media – TV, films, print and online. Sign up free to give your consumers valuable context via an authoritative map.
  • Publishing licence. This is suitable for one-off publishing of maps in publications, on merchandising and websites.
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