OS MasterMap Water Network Layer

OS MasterMap® Water Network Layer offers one of the world’s most detailed, heighted water networks – showing the flow and precise course of every river, stream, lake and canal in Great Britain.


From aqueducts to tunnels, with annotations of flow direction, OS MasterMap Water Network Layer provides the detailed mapping that’s most useful – including underground watercourses (inferred from entry and exits).

Proximity is key. Organisations can understand water-related risks in detail, combining OS MasterMap Water Layer with OS MasterMap Topography Layer, property information and 3D height data for even richer insights.

For planners, for surveyors, for engineers – this Layer offers the potential to model in 2D and 3D like never before, thanks to the clarity of river flow, gradient and river widths.

Feature 1

Answers on tap

With this data, you can look up the height of any water course, along with its flow direction, gradient, length and width anywhere along its length.

Feature 1

How far, how wide

As an island, water defines Great Britain. No other visualisation of our nation’s watercourses details the heights of watercourses in relation to sea level with this level of precision.

Feature 1

Content and context

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer provides a detailed centre line following the curve of the waterway precisely. It includes the coordinates of watercourse sources and where they meet, exactly.


Key featuresWhat this product offers

GML 3.2

Data structure

Vector – toplogically structured link and node network


Watercourse name, flow direction, gradient, primary flow, TOID® reference, EA or SEPA catchment name and ID


1:1250 – 1:10 000

Update frequency

Quarterly – April, July, October and January


DVD and download



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How is this data supplied and what do I need to use it?

Water Network is supplied on DVD or as a download.

You'll need geographic information system (GIS) software to use the data.

What spatial reference system does OS MasterMap Water Network use?

The OS MasterMap Water Network is projected in the ESPG 7405 OSGB36 / British National Grid + ODN. This projection is used as it specifies that the Z value is Ordnance Datum Newlyn.

Does OS Mastermap Water Network work with all the other layers of OS MasterMap?

Yes, it is fully interoperable with all existing layers of OS MasterMap and enables a new generation of analysis, policy development and environmental reporting.

What feature types does the product include?

The feature types within the product are:

  • WatercourseLink. This feature represents the alignment of a watercourse and the majority have been derived from Ordnance Survey detailed topographic data, made available to customers as the OS MasterMap Topography Layer.
  • HydroNode. A HydroNode feature explicitly represents the start, the junctions and the end of each watercourse, as well as places where there's a change in the real-world-related attribution. The nodes exist only at the end-points of a WatercourseLink feature.
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OS MasterMap Water Network Layer is available under the following Licences:

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This product is available under the:

  • Media Licence. We encourage the use of OS maps in the media – TV, films, print and online. Sign up free to give your consumers valuable context via an authoritative map.
  • Publishing licence. This is suitable for one-off publishing of maps in publications, on merchandising and websites.
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Case studies

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Download a small area of OS MasterMap Water Network Layer sample data

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