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OS OnDemand subscriptions & pricing

Learn about the options for trialing or subscribing to OS OnDemand.

OS OnDemand Trial agreement

This is a free 2 month trial agreement, giving you the opportunity to understand the potential for OS OnDemand within your organisation and how to integrate it into your organisation. This will also enable you to decide which authentication method is appropriate for your requirements and ensure your systems are fully compliant.

You will automatically have access to the OS OpenData layers plus any other relevant product layers where you hold a separate data licence*.

If you do not hold any of our commercial products and/or wish to extend the number of product layers available to you during the trial, please contact us for further information.

*For the web map tile service (WMTS), you must hold GB coverage of the product layers. For the web map service (WMS), you will only see the area of coverage you are licensed for, all other areas will show as a blue screen.

OS OnDemand Service Contract

After you have completed your free 2 month trial of the service, to order OS OnDemand (or enhance your level of service) please complete and sign the following:

Once we have received and processed your completed forms, we will arrange for you to access your licensed data via OS OnDemand and provide you with the relevant login credentials.

OS OnDemand Developer Partner Licence

This is a free licence giving you the opportunity to develop, test or demonstrate that your products with the service and check your systems are compliant with OS OnDemand. Please complete the following:

  • OS OnDemand Developer Partner Licence request form
  • Developer Data licence indicating which products you wish to view. If you currently receive data under the Framework Contract Partner agreement and have already accepted the Developer licence terms and conditions, you can miss this step.
  • Online credit application form if you are new to OS.

Subscription Pricing

The charges below – applicable whether you license only one or all of the products available via OS OnDemand – are in addition to product licence fees, as set out in the Business portfolio price list. The minimum licensing term for OS OnDemand is one year..

BandTerminalsWMS and WMTSInternal and external servingIncludes OS MasterMap Topography LayerPrice per annum
A<100WMS onlyInternal only


B101-1000WMS onlyInternal onlyYes£5,000*
C1001-2000WMS onlyInternal onlyYes£9,000*

Yes (WMS only)

EUnlimitedWMTS onlyYesNo£6,000***

* 50 000 WMS transactions per day (transaction defined as 500 X 500 pixel map)

** 100 000 WMS transactions per day (transaction defined as 500 X 500 pixel map)

*** 750 000 WMTS tiles per day

If your service enhancement is placed during the term of the OS OnDemand Agreement, the appropriate proportion of this fee will be charged up to the end of your current OS OnDemand agreement year.

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