OS Open Greenspace

A more active, greener, healthier nation.


A valuable dataset to stimulate creative thinking and innovation to meet current challenges.

Finding greenspaces has never been easier. Britain’s most comprehensive Open dataset of greenspace provides the foundation for you to help create greener and healthier communities.

Understand the location of public parks, playing fields, sports facilities, play areas and allotments, along with access points for entering and exiting urban and rural greenspaces.

See first-hand what the dataset can offer you

Take a look at the new OS Open Greenspace dataset. Here’s sample data for Canterbury, covering a range of greenspaces in urban and rural areas including playing fields, sports’ facilities, play areas and allotments. See how they’ve been defined and the level of accuracy the data provides.

Who’s using OS Open Greenspace?


Britain’s most comprehensive Open dataset of greenspaces underpins a range of apps, products and innovations - providing the foundation to help create greener and healthier communities.

Public sector – Public Health England

Incorporated as a layer into SHAPE, the dataset has been used alongside asset location data (GPs, pharmacies, schools) and indicator data (population and deprivation), to help inform and support the strategic planning of services and physical assets across the health economy.

Emergency services

A vital tool in helping our emergency services, OS Open Greenspace includes site use and access points, making it quicker to get to emergency situations.


Key featuresWhat this product offers

GML, Esri Shape file

Data structure

Polygons and points


Function and name

Update frequency

6 monthly


Download only


Great Britain

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Can I download OS Open Greenspace data covering just my local area?

The product is available to download by 100km2 tiles, so you can easily locate the area you wish to work with.

Which areas is OS Open Greenspace available for?

OS Open Greenspace provides national coverage for England, Scotland and Wales.

What types of greenspace are included in OS Open Greenspace?

For a full list of what is included in the product, please see the technical specification (PDF).

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OS Open Greenspace is available under the following Licences:

Our open data products are covered by the Open Government Licence (OGL), which allows you to:

  • copy, distribute and transmit the data;
  • adapt the data; and
  • exploit the data commercially, whether by sub-licensing it, combining it with other data, or including it in your own product or application.

We simply ask that you acknowledge the copyright and the source of the data by including the following attribution statement:

  • Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2018
  • Where you use Code-Point Open data, you must also use the following attribution statements:
  • Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and Database right 2018
  • Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2018

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