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OS Open Map - Local

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The most detailed street-level open data vector mapping product available, OS Open Map – Local is a great backdrop over which to display and analyse your data.

OS Open Map - Local

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OS Open Map - Local

Benefits and key features

  • Understand your area in detail, including the location of key sites such as schools and hospitals.
  • Share high-quality maps of development proposals to help interested parties to understand their extent and impact.
  • Analyse data in relation to important public buildings, roads, railways, lines and more.
  • Present accurate information consistently with other available open data products.

If you need a higher level of local detail, such as hedges and fences, more precise building outlines and woodland detail, consider OS VectorMap Local or our most detailed map dataset of all, OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Note: this is Beta data, a close match to the final version that we have made available to download for evaluation. We welcome your feedback.

Useful download

Product sheet (PDF)

Feel free to download and share with your colleagues.

An OS OpenData product

OS Open Map – Local is FREE to view, download and use for commercial, educational and personal purposes.

An OS OpenData product

Public buildings highlighted

Key sites including colleges, health centres and bus stations clearly depicted, along with an enhanced level of building and road name detail.

Public buildings highlighted

A flexible foundation

OS Open Map – Local dovetails with other OS OpenData products and datasets freely available from data.gov.uk and many other sources.

A flexible foundation

OS Open Map - Local


Key features What this product offers
FormatVector – GML 3.2 Simple Features and ESRI Shapefile

Tile size

100km x 100km


Thematic layers, including buildings, roads, sites, railways, hydrology, coastline, woodland and cartographic text.


The nominal viewing scale is 1:10 000, with a recommended viewing scale range of 1:3 000 to 1:20 000.

Update frequency

6 months following Beta


Online download


Great Britain

OS Open Map - Local

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