OS Open Zoomstack

OS Open Zoomstack makes OS open data more accessible, customisable and easier to use. It provides a single, customisable map of Great Britain to be used at national and local levels. You're served with relevant content at each zoom level and its fast-rendering capabilities provide a rich, seamless experience. OS Open Zoomstack is the first product to be produced from our Open MasterMap Implementation Programme. Following a very successful trial in 2018, we're now pleased to supply this fully supported product.


A single data file

There’s no need to crunch 1000’s of data files – we’ve done it for you. The data is available in just one single file. It’s provided in easy-to-use formats to help you get started quickly.


The data is compatible with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), web, mobile and offline systems. It’s highly customisable, giving you the flexibility you need.


Vector Tiles contain actual data and not just images, which can be interrogated and analysed. The high-definition mapping also renders quickly, giving a seamless experience.

Who is using OS Open Zoomstack?


OS Open Zoomstack can now be used in the SIS Desktop 9 application from Cadcorp.


AddressCloud Maps provides insurers and their cover holders with a flexible and cost-effective solution for property risk assessment.

Open Canal Map

Open Canal Map uses OS Open Zoomstack incorporating third party data - and the styling has been customised too.


Key featuresWhat this product offers

GeoPackage, Vector Tiles (MBTiles)

Data structure

Vector (points, lines, polygons, text)


National level to street view (GB overview to 1:10,000 scale)

Update frequency

Six monthly


GB download only


Great Britain

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What are the file formats for the data?

You can use the data in GeoPackage and Vector Tiles (MBTiles). Following feedback from the original trial, we’re no longer producing a PostGIS Export File.

What GIS software can I use the data in?

You can use this data in a range of software including ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, Mapbox, Cadcorp SIS, MapInfo, Tableau, Kepler.gl and many more.

Can I use OS Open Zoomstack with other third-party data?

Yes, in your GIS software you can overlay and include third party data.

For example, Axis Maps used OS Open Zoomstack and Land Registry data to create this interactive house prices map

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OS Open Zoomstack is available under the following Licences:

Our open data products are covered by the Open Government Licence (OGL), which allows you to:

  • copy, distribute and transmit the data;
  • adapt the data; and
  • exploit the data commercially, whether by sub-licensing it, combining it with other data, or including it in your own product or application.

We simply ask that you acknowledge the copyright and the source of the data by including the following attribution statement:

  • Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2019
  • Where you use Code-Point Open data, you must also use the following attribution statements:
  • Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and Database right 2019
  • Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2019

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