OS Open Zoomstack trial

OS Open Zoomstack is a comprehensive vector basemap showing coverage of Great Britain at a national level, right down to street level detail.

OS Open Zoomstack makes elements of our opendata available as one map, in one file to be used for GIS, web, mobile or offline use. It’s designed to make OS map data more accessible and easier to use in mobile applications, as well as being customisable.

We use OS Open Zoomstack in our own mapping applications and we’ve had positive feedback from Partners who have tried it out. Now we want to open the trial up to more people. Our trial is open for three months and we will contact you to gather feedback on your experience.

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A single data file

There’s no need to crunch 1000’s of data files yourself – we’ve done it for you. The data is available in just one single data file and via an API. It’s provided in easy-to-use formats to help you get started quickly.


The data is compatible with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), web, mobile and offline systems. It’s highly customisable, giving you the flexibility you need.


Vector Tiles contain actual data (not just images) which can be interrogated and analysed.
The high-definition mapping also renders quickly, giving a seamless experience.