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OS OpenSpace

Interactive maps for your website or online app

Using OS OpenSpace, take your website or online application to the next level by quickly and easily adding high quality maps that you can annotate with your own information.

    Our free service, OS OpenSpace API, is available for non-commercial websites.

    We also offer OS OpenSpace Pro, a premium service for businesses wishing to charge for access, track assets or build internal applications.

    OS OpenSpace API

    Embed and annotate our maps on your non-commercial website or mobile app.

    Learn about the free API

    OS OpenSpace Pro

    Embed a premium suite of interactive maps in your internal and external web or mobile applications.

    Our Pro offering

    Been here before?

    If you've already read about OS OpenSpace API and decided it's right for you, get your API key today.

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    Software development kit

    The OS OpenSpace SDK (software development kit) enables you to create free and commercial mobile applications with our data. It provides access to a number of mapping layers and gazetteer lookups and is available for iOS and Android.

    The OS OpenSpace SDK for iOS has a similar API to Apple's Mapkit, so that moving from Apple mapping to Ordnance Survey mapping is simple.

    With the OS OpenSpace SDK for Android, it is very straightforward to migrate from MapKit to the Ordnance Survey API with only a few changes to your application required.

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