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OS OpenSpace iOS SDK

The OpenSpace iOS SDK (software development kit) enables you to create free and commercial mobile applications with our data. It provides access to a number of mapping layers and gazetteer lookups.

With a similar API to Apple's Mapkit, the SDK makes moving from Apple mapping to Ordnance Survey mapping simple. It is an open-source tool that can be used to access the OS OpenSpace API, OS OpenSpace Pro and OS OnDemand.


  • Fully supported by Ordnance Survey ongoing SDK upgrades, active user forum.
  • Easy integration from Apple – drop in replacement from Apple® MapKit.
  • Online capability fast rendering of Ordnance Survey maps.
  • Offline maps and search capability as used in OS MapFinder.
  • Accurate and detailed mapping - includes footpaths, streets, buildings and much more.

Getting started

To get access to the SDK for free to create non-commercial applications, please contact us businessenquiries@os.uk


  1. Download the OSMap zip package (v1.1.0 and documentation)
  2. Import into Xcode project

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