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OS OpenSpace Pro

  • The product is ideal for what both our customers and we require. For our customers it provides great flexibility and comprehensive mapping that they know is always up-to-date.

    UK Map Centre

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Fully featured. No hassle

OS OpenSpace Pro is a web mapping service enabling businesses to access highly detailed and accurate premium datasets, for use behind firewall applications such as intranets and geographic information systems.

A consistent map design whatever the scale

For consumer web and native mobile applications, an OS OpenSpace Pro licence allows you to make money by charging customers an access or download fee.

Why OS OpenSpace Pro

Using the same technology as OS OpenSpace, OS OpenSpace Pro includes extra features and permissions designed to meet your business needs.

  • Integrate maps with secure content through delivery over a secure connection – https
  • Can be used within a firewall for internal business use
  • Download and compile maps for printed materials
  • Get technical and business support
  • Access our web-styled or traditional map data
  • Available as a JavaScript API

Using OS OpenSpace Pro

OS OpenSpace Pro can help to present all types of information on a recognised and trusted map base:

  • Online location based services e.g. subscription services
  • Consumer devices e.g. navigation applications
  • Locating (tracking) assets e.g. fleet management
  • Viewing of a geographical area e.g. supporting decision making
  • Visualisation of statistical trends e.g. thematic mapping
  • Supporting web sites or applications that are distributed to a large audience

For more information, please email businessenquiries@os.uk

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Learn how businesses are leveraging OS OpenSpace Pro's scalable, reliable and cost-effective cloud technology.

If you wish to use OpenSpace Pro with licensed data, you will need to accept and agree to our terms of service – but you can begin with our 90-day free trial.

The pricing model for the OS OpenSpace Pro service comprises the data royalties as determined by the relevant Partner Contract plus a service charge for the volume of data supplied.

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