OS Surface 1 beta

OS Surface 1 is a Digital Surface Model (DSM) of Great Britain in high definition. Providing one-metre resolution 3D modelling, this product is perfect for analysing both built and natural landscapes. We're running a six-week trial to get your feedback.


Determine optimal sites, and reduce costs in installing new equipment such as antennas, by analysing line of sight and viewshed for your project.

Accurately pinpoint the height of buildings and tree canopy to support your construction planning and architectural visualisations. Model risk remotely and enable better decisions.

Terrain 2 and OS Surface 1 can be used together to add a third dimension to our detailed topographic data. Better understand how the shape of the landscape affects the environment and new infrastructure.

OS Surface 1 data in pink and purple colours

High resolution data

OS Surface 1 provides a detailed view of the earth's surface including buildings, supported structures and vegetation. Created exclusively from our aerial photography, and derived from the same source data as our OS MasterMap Topography Layer, OS Surface 1 is compatible with all our Ordnance Survey (OS) products.

OS Surface 1 data showing OS head office

It all starts with OS imagery

OS Surface 1 is produced exclusively from our aerial photography, captured within a three-year flying programme to ensure excellent coverage and currency. OS Surface 1 has a one-metre resolution, and when used with OS MasterMap Topography Layer, it provides a highly detailed dataset of features on the ground.

OS Surface 1 data grey shadows

More detailed exploration

Make better decisions with OS Surface 1. Use our beta product to:

- Assess a visual perspective with line-of-sight analysis.
- Determine visibility from buildings, model wireless, radio or cellular coverage and signal propagation.
- Model cities in 3D.
- Track encroaching vegetation in forests.
- Manage flood risk for insurance and infrastructure development.


Key featuresWhat this product offers




Tile size

1km x 1km


Download only

Update frequency

To be confirmed, dependent on customer feedback


Great Britain


OS Surface 1 beta is currently part of a six-week trial.
Existing customers can download the data through your OS Orders account.
If you're not an OS customer, you can download the data at the bottom of this product page.
We want to know what you think of our beta product. By downloading the sample data on this page, you agree to being contacted by OS for feedback.

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How is this data supplied?

OS Surface 1 is published as 1km2 uncompressed GeoTIFF tiles. The georeferencing in a GeoTIFF is embedded in the imagery file itself.

Unlike a standard TIFF file, a GeoTIFF does not require an associated TIFF World File (TFW) to geographically position the data. OS Surface 1 data is supplied as a full set of Great Britain tiles and is available as download only. The national dataset is supplied as 1km2 tiles of data within a 5km2 folder.

How often will OS Surface 1 be updated?

Update frequency will be dependent on customer feedback. Blocks of Digital Surface Model (DSM) data are produced in order of currency set within our three-year update schedule.

What licence do I need to evaluate OS Surface 1?

If you are an OS Partner, you will need to accept two of our licences in OS Orders - our Developer Contract Licence and our Data Exploration Licence (DEL). We’ve done this to enable Partners to access the data quicker for the six-week evaluation period.


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OS Surface 1 beta is available under the following Licences:

Explore our data

You’re welcome to try out this data for free under our Data Exploration Licence.

Internal business use

When using OS data in your own business, you need our Framework Contract (Direct Customers) together with a data contract.

Creating products or services

To use this data commercially in your own products and services, or to distribute it, you will need to sign up to our Framework Contract (Partners) and a relevant defined use contract. This will vary depending on what you’re going to do with the data.

Collective mapping agreements

These products are available to members of public sector organisations under the following agreements:

Find out more in our Public sector licensing guide ›

This product is available under the:

  • Media Licence. We encourage the use of OS maps in the media – TV, films, print and online. Sign up free to give your consumers valuable context via an authoritative map.
  • Publishing licence. This is suitable for one-off publishing of maps in publications, on merchandising and websites.

Explore our data

You're welcome to try out sample data for free under our Data Explorartion Licence.

The full dataset can be accessed by existing partners through OS Orders under the Developer Contract Licence. The order can only be confirmed once the Data Exploration Licence terms have been accepted for this six week trial.

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Case studies

Give it a try

Download a small area of OS Surface 1 beta sample data

Or you can apply for a Data Exploration Licence to try out the real thing.