OS MasterMap Highways Network speed data

OS MasterMap Highways Network with speed data

Helping you plan routes, analyse traffic information and optimise journeys

Are you looking for even more data about Great Britain’s roads? Maybe you perform studies on drive times; design customisable sat nav systems; or you’re working on autonomous vehicle or automatic speed limiter technology. You might need to compare vehicle types along routes or profile the effects of a new development on the road network.

You can now access road speed data through our OS MasterMap Highways Network – Routing & Asset Management Information product. It’s an additional dataset to help you plan logistics and monitor our roads more effectively.

Know road speed limits and average speed times

The speed data is supplied by a third party and contains two types of information:

Average speed
This dataset contains a years' worth of historical speed information broken down into six time periods for each day. The data is bi-directional, so gives you the average speed of a road link in both directions. A fleet of vehicles collects the traffic speed data every 1-10 seconds. The data will be supplied on an annual basis each April, averaging the year's travelling speeds to form a single dataset.

Speed limits
Information about speed limits comes from multiple sources including telematics, accident statistics data and Freedom of Information responses from local authorities on speed limit changes. This is released as a full supply dataset on a quarterly basis, starting in July 2018.

How is speed enhancing the Highways portfolio and how can it be used?

  • Combine multiple attributes: Speed is a natural accompaniment to our OS MasterMap Highways Network product portfolio. Now you can add the element of time to your location-based routing, and ensure that routes are optomised depending on the time of day they will be used.
  • Routing and route optimisation: Compare vehicle types and modes of transport. Accurately calculate the best route based on length and now also duration of travel. Essential when planning emergency response routing.
  • Congestion analysis and drive time studies: Conduct speed and congestion profiling for Local Authorities and transport companies. This digital analysis saves you time – you don’t have to take vehicles out on the road to run routes.
  • Environmental analysis: Monitor emissions and carry out standing time analysis.
  • Planning and development: Perform traffic studies and infrastructure modelling.
  • Autonomous vehicles: Speed data is integral to the devices which limit speed in autonomous cars.
  • Customising sat nav systems: Logistics companies need speed data to optimise vehicles along routes.

How can I get speed data?

Our speed data is accessible through OS Partners. It’s available in three variations:

1. OS MasterMap Highways Road Network with Routing and Asset Management Information and Average Speed.
2. OS MasterMap Highways Road Network with Routing and Asset Management Information and Speed Limits.

And combining the two elements:
3. OS MasterMap Highways Road Network with Routing and Asset Management Information and Average Speed and Speed Limits.

To order speed data:

Existing Partners – get the data through OS Orders.
Contact commercialenquiries@os.uk to find out more about accessing the datasets you need.

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